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Networks at Communications Inn Co., Ltd.~Composers who support Cool Japan~


Next up from the Nagano Olympics logo designer is the composer.
Japan’s music scene does not attract much attention around the world, but the animation that supports Cool Japan is a different story. HAYAO MIYAZKAI has had a great influence on the flow of animated films around the world, constantly supplying the world with top quality works such as Evangelion and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
And the power of the music has a lot to do with that.
This time we would like to introduce Dr. Usui, who continues to have an influence on the Japanese anime and idol scenes.
Dr. Usui appeared on the Japanese music scene in 1997 and made his major debut with the techno pop unit MOTOCOMPO. After performing extensively at music festivals in the UK and Thailand, he participated in (M)otocompo, DISCOMPO with Mari Izumi, etc., and has been fulfilling his activities as an artist.
He has also been actively providing music as an individual. The genres are mainly anime themes and idols. He has always centered himself on cutting-edge Japanese pop culture.

To be honest, I think it’s almost impossible for a businessman to think of wanting to change something through the power of music. I think most of our business is unrelated to music, so I think this is inevitable.
However, don’t you all know of many cases where just one phrase, a sound lasting about 10 seconds, left a memory in people’s ears and resulted in major promotion? In other words, if you don’t consider music as a means of advertising and marketing your company, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. What you need is a buzz and good quality sound. We can offer this from a very unique perspective.

As a challenge and an experiment for your company, how about borrowing the help of up-and-coming musicians who shine at the forefront of Japanese pop culture? The story is surprisingly simple. A Zoom meeting that takes less than 20 minutes can start your company’s growth. Leave that connection to us!

DrUsui’s prettycure works