Bringing loyalty to your company

The miracle of company newsletters

  • Motivation increase
  • Loyalty Improvement
  • Philosophy Penetration

The happier employees there are, the more sales will increase proportionally!
And the recruitment cost will miraculously be reduced! It is the company newsletter that brings this about.


ABOUTWhat a company newsletter
can do

One of the main reasons for the success of Japanese companies in the past was the extremely high level of loyalty among the employees.

Employees who are loyal to the company, who protect and nurture the company's technology, and who see their own growth as the same as the company's growth. It is a driving force for the development of the Japanese economy. One of the things that support this culture is a company newsletter.

It is a very simple investment. And there is a lot to gain.We decided to export this unique corporate culture of Japanese companies for the first time.


BENEFITThe benefits of a company newsletter

  • Talented employees stop quitting.
  • Success stories and mindsets are shared.
  • Corporate philosophy is well understood.
  • Mental health problems will be reduced.
  • Employees will work happier.

What is the most important thing in a company? 
Service? Quality? Competitiveness?

We think the answer is people there.

A company newsletter can deliver your message directly to your employees, your most valuable asset, and help them to become the people worthy of working for your company.

REASONWhy Communication's Inn?

The company has been a leader in the production of company newsletters and PR magazines for major corporations and government agencies since its establishment and has won many awards, but that is not the biggest reason to choose us.

The greatest strength of Communication's Inn is that we have many of Japan's most talented media creators on our team.

We also have the ability to propose plans that will surely meet the needs of our clients.

In addition, we have the production expertise to incorporate the plan into the media.

WORKSExamples of production

company newsletter - Printed page

  • ABCIN6
  • Growing!
  • 並木道


MENUMenu of Communication's Inn


Why don't you bring about a positive change in your company by adopting a company newsletter?

VOICEInterviews with clients


Kirin Brewery Company, Limited

Japan's leading beer manufacturer. It operates in 40 countries around the world.

One of the benefits gained from the company newsletter was "sharing success stories within the company.” Also, it was the perfect time to publish it in paper form to convey the company's belief from the management that "the field takes the lead.” On a computer screen, you can't look at it when you want to, but with a paper version of the company newsletter, you can read it whenever you want because it stays with you. The paper version of the company newsletter is read more often, the content is better understood, and it also functions as a common language for employees. The company newsletter also creates opportunities for communication.


PAL Co., Ltd.

A logitec company that offers logistics services that incorporate digital technology.

The decision was made to publish a company newsletter in order to maintain the corporate culture, which was fading as the company grew. We wanted not only full-time employees but also part-timers and other stakeholders to have a sense of "working at PAL" instead of "doing work." The company newsletter achieved that goal. We have also been able to effectively use the company newsletter for recruiting and marketing. It has become a medium that clearly shows the true picture of the company, which we are proud of.

PRICEPlan/Fee Details

  • Consultation on the launch of a company newsletter

    From $ 3,000

    We listen to your issues and examine your company's resources. Then, we will guide you to the best way to start a company newsletter, taking into consideration your budget and corporate culture. This consulting service mainly utilizes written communication and online meetings.

  • Company newsletter consulting
    and production package

    Half of the consulting fee for the first issue of the company newsletter

    3,500$~ /book

    In addition to consulting for the first issue, this plan includes the actual production of the publication. The main services include planning, design, illustration, etc. to meet the client's needs. Our company has a great deal of experience in in-house newsletters, so it is efficient to entrust us with the production of your newsletter.

  • Subscription orders for design, cartoons, etc.

    From $ 200

    One illustration, one page of cartoon, design only, logo only. We also accept such custom orders. We are also happy to consult with you about training of company newsletter staff, special printing techniques, etc! We export Japan's unique culture without hesitation.

  • Dispatch of company newsletter staff

    Pricing is subject to consultation.

    We dispatch an in-house journalist to your company to take charge of the actual production of your company's newsletter. This includes the creation of the first issue, planning, text production, photography, and design. We understand the corporate culture of your company and can produce an effective company newsletter without using any of your staff's resources.


Why don't you bring about a positive change in your company by adopting a company newsletter?

STEPFlow of Service

  1. First, please contact us.

    Our staff will reply to you by e-mail. We will ask you a few questions about your issue and your request to us. We may need to communicate with you several times in order to confirm the content of your inquiry.

  2. Online consultation after confirming the details

    Using an online conferencing system such as Zoom, please let us know the details of your request. We then make a proposal based on our knowledge, your company's production capabilities, and other factors. Basically, we provide services in English and Japanese, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

  3. Submission of quotation

    We submit a quotation for the production. We provide you with a clear estimate that clarifies any differences in business practices and culture. Please make a decision about working with us. Changes or adjustments to the quotation can be made at any time.

  4. Contract

    A contract is concluded. In the case of bilateral transactions, we prepare a contract that is in line with the laws of the respective countries, and conclude the contract in writing after mutual confirmation. In principle, the contract will be executed electronically.

  5. Start of production

    Production is carried out in accordance with the contract. Production work involves a great deal of flexible response and on-site judgment. Those are handled as needed based on the judgment of the respective staff members in charge, and satisfactory deliverables are provided within the due date.


We are considering producing our first company newsletter. What kind of staff do we need?
More important than staff who can create the newsletter is staff who have a clear understanding of the company's issues. This varies from company to company, including corporate culture, personnel system, motivation, and turnover rate. The best person to be in charge is the one who has a strong sense of the purpose of the publication.
Is the culture of company newsletters commonplace in Japan?
Companies that are well-known in the stock market, in common all over the world, put a lot of effort into governance. In Japan, one of the major ways to achieve this is through company newsletters. It is true that it fits with Japan's unique employment common sense of lifetime employment, but it has evolved as a tool because of this.
How do you think the common sense in Japan does not apply in our country?
A company newsletter is a simple problem-solving tool. It conveys information and intentions, and it is designed to change the mindset and behavior of its readers. It is not a matter of common sense; it is a matter of whether or not it is useful as a tool. And a company newsletter is definitely an effective tool for communicating information within the company.
What is the typical publication cycle of a company newsletter?
The trend in Japan is for 30% to be published quarterly, 20% monthly, and less than 20% bimonthly. However, the publication cycle should be determined while taking into consideration the realization of the purpose of publication. The publication cycle does not mean much.
All of the people involved in our project have no experience in publishing a company newsletter. What kind of support will your company provide?
Please tell us what you want to do with your company newsletter and the purpose of the publication. Our professionals with rich experience in creating company newsletters will provide suggestions and guidance on the production side, planning, and gathering of content. In the meantime, we will give you a lecture on the skills necessary for editing and production in a flow that beginners can fully understand.
What about a web-based company newsletter?
Our strength is in proposing content that will have a positive impact through the medium of company newsletters. This includes proposals for web-based company newsletters, video-based company newsletters, etc. We think it is a good idea to publish company newsletters on the web. However, please let us explain the difference between paper, web, and other types of company newsletters.
Do you have any templates for a company newsletter?
In principle, we make proposals that meet the needs of our clients. Of course, we can also create templates. Please also use our strength in content proposals.
There are various in-house media, such as print, web, and video. What are the differences?
In addition to the three you mentioned, we consider e-mail magazine, morning assembly, etc. to have the same attributes. Each of them has different characteristics, and there is no need to decide whether to "do a printed company newsletter" or "go with a web-based company newsletter". We recommend that you choose the one that best suits your budget and manpower, as well as your viewpoint of which is most effective in realizing your purpose of publication.


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